Sanya Super Sevens

Tournament Rules

Ridiculously Serious. Seriously Rediculous

It's a pretty unbelievable setup we have down here. We're definitely very spoiled, which is why we want to share it with other teams around the place and put on an awesome day.

We play our own style of cricket down there that has mainly evolved as a result of where we play, as well as our commitment to getting everyone involved regardless of whether you're a cricketer or not. Our ground at the Intercontinental is about 80m in diameter and is technically a public space so we don't use hard balls, instead use those semi-soft, seamed practice cricket balls, which are perfect for those who aren't used to catching a rock hard cricket ball and no pads or helmets necessary (it's way too hot for those anyway).

The format we play promotes hitting well places ground shots (fours and good running) so sixes are recorded as dot balls (discouraged). Each batter faces one over from one bowler, and is a runner for one over. If you go out, it's minus 2 runs but you remain batting until your over finishes. An innings is simply 7 overs, 7 batters, 7 bowlers (wiki also bowels). Then you switch batting/fielding teams thats the match. Games are quick, fun, with everyone getting to field, bowl, bat and run... and of course plenty of time to drink beer in the shade.

Depending on how many people get involved will determine how we structure the day, but most likely every team will play at least 3 matches.

There's always side games going on, such as beach volleyball and bocce, there will be hammocks and sun shades with music playing all day. The included BBQ is all you can eat/drink from the Intercontinental Beer Factory and will go all afternoon ensuring plenty of beer and grub. Extra beers will be provided by us (just incase).

After the game we'll head back over the hill to Dadonghai (were all the pubs, hotels and restaurants are) for showers and awards ceremony with a bunch of fun awards as well as team awards etc.